Any decision to relocate is filled with questions. In years to come there’s one question you might be very glad you asked: What about Rhodes? While there’s no shortage of locations for ambitious businesses to choose from, few Sydney suburban precincts, if any, can match the complete package of access, amenity and aspiration you’ll find at 3 Rider Boulevard – an A-grade commercial property located just 17kms from Sydney CBD and 13kms from Parramatta CBD.

There are many reasons why Rhodes is one of Australia’s fastest-growing commercial and residential precincts.

Realise what’s possible at 3 Rider Boulevard, Rhodes.

Time to rethink your commercial space?


Year on year, quarter on quarter, more leading businesses are calling Rhodes home. R3 Rider Boulevard has plenty of key features to add to the mix

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Rethinking  your commercial space?

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